Freedom Keepers United is an inclusive global community dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of informed consent, medical freedom, and patient rights. 

Our mission is to provide valuable resources and education that empowers individuals to make informed decisions for their health and livelihood.


Freedom Keepers United is guided by four core values.


We take ownership of the work and content we create and aim to be transparent in our actions.


We provide a safe place for individuals to share their stories, ask questions, and feel heard.


We act in the best interest of our larger community and seek to represent those who cannot represent themselves.


We pursue a growth mindset and thoughtfully engage with those who have diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Our Beginning

Founded by five women, Freedom Keepers United was established in September of 2019. After California’s Senate Bill SB276 passed, the founding members were determined to unite individuals from all over the world to create a nonprofit focused on protecting medical freedom. 

SB276 was a bill that would affect medical freedom in a number of ways in CA, but the most devastating effect was that it would retroactively change the qualifications for medical exemptions to vaccines, allowing an individual to qualify for a medical exemption only post-vaccination. This placed the decision for medical exemptions into the hands of an appointed health official and out of the hands of the doctor and patient.

With California historically among the states with the strictest mandates, citizens across the United States watched as lawmakers removed the last remaining exemption. Quickly, our nation realized that this troubling trajectory would continue to extend to other states and countries.

Within one year, Freedom Keepers United quickly grew to over 40 U.S. National Chapters and more than 14 different International Chapters. This rapid growth demonstrates the effect individuals can have by using their voices and their platforms to enact change.

our impact

Through community programs, social media campaigns, and educational content, our global network empowers individuals to ask questions wisely, serve with empathy, and advocate for human rights.

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