Freedom Keepers United is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that started as grassroots organization in 2019. We have since grown exponentially as have our needs and the expectations of those we serve and work with. This video explains our spending, where it goes, our programs, and how each contribute to furthering our mission of preserving medical freedom. To date, FKU has over 200K advocates, 50+ chapters worldwide, over 400+ volunteers around the world, 6 different programs, 7 different departments with 3 full time members, 2 being paid a small stipend, overseeing all operations.

Breakdown Summary:

  • Average Monthly Operational Costs = $4k-5k
  • Staff of 2 = $5k/month
  • Quarterly Community Funding: $10K-$20K
  • Programs = Over $80K/year