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2022 CA Legislative session

CA’s Bad Bills Must Be Stopped

Take Action on CA’s Bad Medical Mandate Bills. This year we are facing legislation that will lower the age of consent to vaccines to age 12, require the COVID-19 vaccine for daycare, preschool, public and private school, require the COVID-19 vaccine for employers, employees and independent contractors, mandate law enforcement officers enforce public health orders, and more… We must work together to take action. Email and Call Your Representative TODAY!


Join our CAFK Volunteer Team Today!

With our CA Legislators hard at work, we must also be working hard to act as a resource to our community and legislators. Our team is currently looking for more volunteers in the following areas:

  • Admninistrative/Data Entry
  • Research and Analysis
  • Marketing + Social Media
  • Project Leaders

Our Specialties


Download the 22 Legislative session folder above to access resources to:

  • 2022 Advocacy Tool Kit
  • The History of Vaccines
  • The Legislative Process
  • Arguments Against SB871, SB866, AB1993 and More
  • Women Oppose AB1993
  • Letter Templates
  • Union Letter Templates
  • Commitee Member Info
  • Opposition Letters
  • Flyers
  • and more…


2022 CA Legislative session

CA’s Medical Freedom Voter Guide

As a nonprofit, we cannot endorse individual candidates. However, we can tell you what they score on supporting medical freedom! We’ve compiled a scorecard based on 10 years of legislation that either supported or undermined medical freedom. Take a look! 

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