H.R.5816- Support the NICE ACT

The NICE Act, H.R. 5816 is a federal bill designed to respect the scientific method and also civil rights, both of which allow unvaccinated people to exist and live normally. For example, the scientific method requires control groups, people who have not received the vaccination in question. The larger the control group size, the more robust the science. Constitutional lawyers and ethicists alike champion the fundamental right of natural and unvaccinated people to exist and live normally. So NICE is a commonsense answer to the problem of government ostracizing unvaccinated and natural people.

Here is the operative provision of the bill to uphold constitutional rights, “Vaccination shall henceforth be optional to citizens for their participation in society, including but not limited to education, travel, employment, government service, housing, social welfare programs, access to courts, and medical care.”

Sign our Letter of Support for H.R. 5816

January 24, 2022

The Honorable Louie Gomhert
2269 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515

RE: Support for H.R. 5816, The NICE Act.

Freedom Keepers United is a national and international 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We were founded in 2019, after the passage of SB276 in California and in almost three years grew to over 40 chapters nationally and 13 chapters internationally. This was a direct result of vaccination legislation in the state of California, that has marginalized vaccine injured and unvaccinated children to no end. To date, our community and advocates have taken over 514,683 legislative actions against vaccine mandates throughout the United States in just one year. On behalf of over 60k California Freedom Keepers, and over 708k nationally, we write to you in support of H.R. 5816 and applaud your efforts in protecting children throughout the nation.

Due to a lack of informed consent, Freedom Keepers has seen first hand the devastating effects of vaccine injury and was founded in direct response to California legislation, SB276 which retroactively changed the qualifications of a medical exemption and removed protections for children who had already experienced a vaccine injury. H.R. 5816 addresses two key concerns regarding the vaccine agenda; a lack of informed consent and the conflict of interest providers have by not fully informing a patient. The NICE Act would prohibit government funding be given to any entity who does not provide full and accurate information about the risks of vaccination. Freedom Keepers United believes this is one step in the right direction in undoing the harm of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1985 which exempts vaccine manufacturers from liability if their vaccine causes injury or death. If an individual cannot sue a manufacturer for liability, no entity should be allowed government funded incentives to promote or administer vaccines. Citizens should also be allotted their fundamental human right to refuse vaccination for any reason without discrimination, coercion, duress, or the exclusion from everyday life activities.

Freedom Keepers United supports H.R. 5816, The NICE Act and asks for the support of Congress and the House of Representatives and state legislatures to do right by the American people and pass H.R. 5816.



Allison Serrao
President, CEO
Freedom Keepers United