TN – HB0946 & HB2032 Oppose Legislation That Erodes Parental Rights.

HB0946/SB0148 adds language to existing law that would allow healthcare providers to provide “treatment to a minor to prevent STDs without the knowledge or consent of the parents or legal guardians of the minor.”

HB2032 would allow dentists to give the HPV vaccines.

Main Talking Points:

Both of these bills include language that undermines parental rights when it comes to their children’s healthcare. Children should never be put in the position to make a potentially life altering choice, like accepting the HPV vaccine, without the guidance or knowledge  of their parents. Dentists should not be administering any vaccines, let alone one of the most dangerous vaccines with a very high rate of adverse reactions.


  • Should dentists have the legal right to administer the HPV vaccine to your child?
  • Should any healthcare provider have the legal right to administer the HPV or HepB vaccine to a child without their parent or guardians permission or knowledge?
  • How will a dentist know a minor’s full medical history?
  • How will a child know it’s full medical history?
  • Who will safely monitor the minor after administration of a vaccine and for how long?
  • Who will be notified if the child themself is injured?