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An HHS-Funded Harvard Pilgrim health care study showed that less than 1% of vaccine reactions are reported.

Are vaccine reactions rare or rarely reported?

Why are manufacturers not held liable for vaccine injury?

If this generation is the most vaccinated, why are they so sick?

Do vaccines promote health?

Why are Americans the sickest they’ve ever been when they spend the most in the world on health care?

Can doctors be trusted to give individualized care if they receive incentives for the medications they prescribe?

Can a live virus vaccine spread the disease it is desigend to immunize against?

Has the childhood vaccine schedule ever been tested in its entirety?


we believe

that each person has the right to medical freedom. Medical Freedom is the right to informed consent and self-determination regarding the choices an individual makes for themselves and their family. No person should be forced, coerced, or deceived into any medical choices that violate their will, conscience, or religious beliefs. 

These medical choices include but are not limited to vaccination, medication, birth rights, maternal care, end of life care choices, treatment choices, and more. Because an individual may choose differently than what is recommended or prescribed does not permit the discrimination or limitation of one’s civil liberties or rights. 

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