Employees at Risk of Termination (EART) Project

In July 2021, Freedom Keepers created the Employees at Risk of Termination (EART) Project to connect individuals facing termination due to Covid policies. The EART Chat has connected almost 7000 individuals, helping them find others in their company or industry that value medical freedom like they do. Freedom Keepers Volunteers created the EART Task Force to provide employees at risk with the education and advocacy tools they need to preserve their medical freedom.

The EART Task Force has created a package of resources designed to support employees at risk:

  • Employee Discussion Guide: a step-by-step guide that equips employees to advocate in the workplace
  • Talking Points: a list of relevant research to support advocacy efforts
  • Lobbying Packet: a resource to be used by our state chapters and local Freedom Keepers to educate legislators and advocate for protection of our medical freedom

Freedom Keepers is happy to give these guides away free of charge.

Click Here to get yours today!


Photo Credit: @soulsofamovement