Freedom Keepers is a grassroots organization and relies heavily on volunteers to achieve our mission. Volunteers support the many aspects of our organization and come from diverse backgrounds. View the open positions we have available to join our team and start making a difference with us today!

Volunteer Info Night

Join us on the second Thursday of each month at 5 PST to learn more about our Volunteer Program, the projects we are working on, and how you can become a volunteer!

Social Media Manager

We are looking for an experienced Social Media Manager, who understands branding and messaging, and can design content and implement social media strategy aligned with our organization’s goals.  This person should be able to create and publish engaging content daily across FKU platforms, as well as perform research and analysis on current benchmark trends and audience preferences.

Community Ambassadors

We are excited about starting community forums, events, and opportunities for our community to heal and find support for their families and themselves. A community ambassador is responsible for hosting events virtually or in person that promote a safe space for support, healing, and education. If you are a leader in your community and feel you may serve as a great community host please apply to join our community host training.

Chapter Leader

Chapter Leaders are integral to the mission of Freedom Keepers United. A Chapter Leader is responsible for maintaining and managing the chapter Instagram, staying up to date with state/province specific information, and acting as the chapter’s main point of contact. Chapter Leaders are a dependable resource for those in the community. Chapter Leaders make up worldwide, national, and international teams within our organization and work together to keep each other informed and enact change.

Regional Liaison

faiAs a Regional Liaison (formerly known as Chapter Leader Liaison) you are responsible for managing all relations with Chapter Leaders within your specific region and building trusting relationships within the organization. The Liaison will constantly evaluate our chapter teams and identify opportunities to grow and improve our team efforts and organizational structure. You will be responsible for onboarding new chapter leaders and act as a support to them throughout their journey with Freedom Keepers United. This role requires exceptional organizational skills, excellent communication skills, flexible availability, Google Suite experience with apps like Google Docs, Forms, and Sheets as well customer relationship management skills.

Legislative Tracking Team

A role on the Legislative Tracking Team is a time intensive volunteer position dedicated to advocating for medical freedom worldwide. While many approaches are tailored to state specific legislation, this team’s focus will be on collaborating with all state chapters and providing them with important information to best inform each chapter’s ability to respond to legislation. This team will have access to our advocacy tools that allow for creating auto-populated tracking spreadsheets that are state specific and creating effective advocacy actions. This team is responsible for creating and sustaining active legislative calls to action and efficiently providing chapters with the information they need to advocate in their area.

Research Team

Freedom Keepers United is committed to empowering individuals with factual information. Join our Research Team to assist in leading research projects, fact checking, sharing new information, and helping others to understand the information presented. This committee is best served by those with experience in data analysis, research, science, statistics, or those who are passionate about researching topics that are important to them.

Marketing Team

We are always in need of talented marketing volunteers who are experienced with public relations, graphic design, web development, and email campaigns. We welcome creatives who are interested in curating informative designs to share throughout our chapters worldwide.

We know that marketing is a vital component to combating misconceptions and effectively raising awareness. If you have this specific skill set and you feel you can contribute to our fight, please apply here.

This is an on-call, as-needed volunteer position.

Board Chair

As a partner to the chief executive officer (CEO) and other board members, the Board Chair will provide leadership to Freedom Keepers United Nonprofit as it transitions from a newly formed grassroots organization into a sustainable global entity. The Board Chair will support and sustain the work of Freedom Keepers United, and provide governance leadership and strategic fundraising support.

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Join us for a Special Live with @conscious_family_project on Wednesday September 28th at 11:45am PST.

Learn about Ally’s advocacy as the Host of Conscious Family Project Podcast and Education Consultant.

“…The importance of parents being in the driver seat of every part of their families life, especially with homeschooling. You are your child's best teacher and advocate.” - @conscious_family_project

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Freedom Keepers Network is coming soon! Sign up to be the first ones invited! A place to connect with Freedom Keepers near and far, this will be our social platform to meet other likeminded individuals to homeschool with, work with, build businesses, groups, and friendships with that preserve medical freedom together!

Our Homeschoolers United Network has already brought together hundreds of Freedom Keepers Worldwide!

If you’re looking for a like minded co-op, a medical freedom loving business, or looking for employment opportunities that preserve medical freedom fill out this form and join us for our next journey!

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Hey Freedom Keepers! Within the next few weeks we want to do something fun! We want to fill the alphabet of Medical Freedom.

We want to hear from you, so let’s start with the letter A!

Here at Freedom Keepers, we’re starting with A for all.

All > Medical Freedom of All families.

Your turn! Drop your A words for Medical Freedom in the comments👇🏼

America, California needs your help. California’s Governor, career politician, Gavin Newsom, has been propped up and publicized as a potential 2024 presidential candidate. While he denies any intention of running for President, it is up to us to make clear what we would want from a leader.

With 6 bad bills on his desk that will further divide the state of California if enacted, our country is watching to see if he will make the right choices in protecting our children and our rights.

Tell Governor Newsom which state you come from and why he must veto these 6 bad bills today.

Use our 1-Click Call to Action to send an Email, Call or Tweet Gavin Newsom


Join us on Friday September 9th at 9m PST for a special Live with our guest @military_freedom_keepers

Tune in to learn how our Military Chapter has been actively advocating for the Men and Women of our Armed Forces.

Happy Labor Day Weekend Freedom Keepers!

You, and people like you, are the ones who have made this country what it is today. Thank you for all your hard work and have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!

Enjoy our Labor Day Sale. Discount is applied at check out.
Visit shopfreedomkeepers.org


Join us on Wednesday at 10:30am PST for a special Live with our guest lindsaytuttlenp

Learn about Lindsay’s advocacy and her passion of sharing wellness awareness. See you on Wednesday!

Join Volunteer Info Night NEXT Thursday, to learn more about our new platform we have launched and how YOU can be an integral part of how continue to expand it.

This new platform will help Freedom Keepers connect and create groups where they can preserve medical freedom together: freedom keeper homeschool group? ✅ freedom keeper workshops? ✅ freedom keeper mom groups? ✅ freedom keeper health groups? ✅ freedom keeper businesses and hiring? ✅

Join us this Thursday to learn more about what we have been working on and how you can help us continue to build it.

Register in the link in bio or visit freedomkeepersunited.org/volunteer


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Where should we start our research?

Visit our latest blog as we break it down.
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Where did you start your research? What were some helpful resources? What encouragement would give to someone who is beginning their research journey?

Comment below 👇🏼

Drop your answer below 👇🏽

Freedom Keepers, have you heard?! We officially launched Phase 1 of our new FKU Network! If you signed up to join our waitlist or signed up to find a co-op you’ve already been sent an invite to check it out!!

With all new things, we know it takes some time to develop and improve. We hope you can help! As we develop this space, it’s questions and answers like these we use to make this space exactly what our community needs.

Did you get an invite? Hop on and introduce yourself! Your community awaits! 💛

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Repost from @essentiallyerin__ 💛 ...

Based on current VAERS data through August 5,2022 the following are the CV Vaccine Reports in Children 6months-17years.

Deaths • 143
Permanently Disabled • 498
Myocarditis • 1,891
Life Threatening • 649
Hospitalized • 4,240
ER Visit • 5,069
Not Recovered • 9,627
Total Reports • 53,616

To learn more visit openvaers.com

#justasking do all patients, parents, guardians know the process of submitting a VAERS report if their child suffered an adverse reaction?

What questions do you have based on current VAERS reports?

This quarter, our volunteer team is getting ready to introduce a new space for Freedom Keepers to connect, meet, play, learn, become empowered and preserve medical freedom together.

Join our team as we fine tune and build this space together!

Register on the web at freedomkeepersunited.org/volunteer

Homeschool Co-Op Connect | Linked in Bio

WOW! Over 800 responses of Freedom Keeper families all over the world!!!

If you haven’t filled out the interest form, do so today! We will be closing the form temporarily by midnight TONIGHT. This will ensure we can connect the first batch of families we’ve received so far. We will open the form back up next week!

Head to the link in our bio or visit bit.ly/fkhsconnect

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Have you read our latest blog post?
We discuss 5 Tips for talking to you friends about Medical Freedom.

We know it’s not an easy conversation to have, and we break it down step by step.

Head over to bit.ly/fku5tips to read our blog.

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Thank you for helping us reach $10k in fundraising getting us THAT much closer to our fundraising goal! Thank you to everyone who has already donated! If you haven't yet, please consider a donation to FKU to support our efforts in preserving medical freedom worldwide.

Already Donated? Did you know you can receive a free pin with any purchase by visiting our merch shop? Visit the link in our bio to shop.

During our fundraiser, we will be sharing vaccine injury stories and resources to help all individuals in their journey to medical freedom. 

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If you are interested in donating a workshop or class, please email admin@freedomkeepersunited.com