We are an international network of everyday citizens from all walks of life, beliefs, and political associations who believe in protecting our personal freedoms and human rights. 

we believe

that each person has the right to medical freedom. Medical Freedom is the right to informed consent and self-determination regarding the choices an individual makes for themselves and their family. No person should be forced, coerced, or deceived into any medical choices that violate their will, conscience, or religious beliefs. 

These medical choices include but are not limited to vaccination, medication, birth rights, maternal care, end of life care choices, treatment choices, and more. Because an individual may choose differently than what is recommended or prescribed does not permit the discrimination or limitation of one’s civil liberties or rights. 

our impact

Through community programs, social media campaigns, and educational content, our global network empowers individuals to ask questions wisely, serve with empathy, and advocate for human rights.

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You deserve  to ask questions, have respectful conversations, and receive satisfying answers that go beyond blanket organizational recommendations or blind faith in a group of products. You deserve to make a decision that you feel informed and as peaceful as possible about. You deserve to be educated and empowered to be your own best advocate. What questions do you have?


Freedom Keepers is a grassroots organization and relies heavily on volunteers to achieve our mission. Volunteers support the many aspects of our organization and come from diverse backgrounds.


Your donation directly contributes to the development of Freedom Keepers and helps to establish additional chapters, improves communication processes, grows our resources, provides worldwide marketing and education, and facilitates opportunities for community and positive dialogue between citizens and their representatives

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