Say “No” to the NC COVID-19 Digital Vaccine Portal

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) has already launched the NC COVID-19 Vaccine Portal.  As stated on their website: 

“Get back to the places you love with proof of your COVID-19 vaccination.

You may need to show your COVID-19 vaccine information to businesses or venues.  The NC COVID-19 Vaccine Portal is a free, fast, and secure way for many North Carolinians to present proof of COVID-19 vaccination or print a copy of your COVID-19 vaccine information for other purposes.”

No pharmaceutical product should be required to participate in a free society.  Even more so when these companies are free from liability for adverse reactions to them.  Bodily autonomy is a sacred right.  Please voice your concerns to your representatives. Personalize your email to let them know you oppose any form of vaccine passports as a violation of fundamental human and religious freedoms.  

  • Vaccine passports violate privacy rights and lead to discrimination and unjust treatment
  • People are being coerced into receiving a COVID19 vaccine to participate in society
  • Vaccine Passports will disproportionately affect minorities, vulnerable populations, and individuals who want to protect their private information.    
  • Using vaccine passports takes away one’s individual freedoms and will create a new segregated society, allowing many to be marginalized.
  • Mandating a “one size fits all” approach using a vaccine with known safety concerns and no long-term safety data is unethical