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Your donation helps to establish additional chapters, improves communication processes, grows our resources, provides worldwide marketing and education, and facilitates opportunities for community and positive dialogue between citizens and their representatives.

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$20 Monthly Donation

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Freedom Keepers United uses its donations to create a unified network of Freedom Keepers who together educate, empower, and connect individuals in the fight for medical freedom. 

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The power of connection has been our driving force. We have created a worldwide organization whose messaging is gentle and invites the most basic questions as individuals begin their journey and research. Through localized efforts of education and building community, our chapters create an empowered network of individuals who no longer feel they are alone. The power of being connected to a global network gives Freedom Keepers the ability to make a large impact in preserving our individual freedoms and bodily autonomy. When overreaching governments introduce laws and mandates that affect us individually, our families, and our world as a whole, we have a global community willing to advocate at the drop of a hat.

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